Is your Pool or Spa safe?

Does the barrier meet the required Standard?

Did you know in Victoria it is now legislated that your Pool/Spa barrier must be certified as compliant and therefore safe every 4 years.
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As of 1 Nov 2020, all Swimming Pool and Spas MUST be registered with your local Council.

The Council will confirm when your Compliance Certificate is required to be lodged by and which applicable Standard your Pool/Spa Barrier must comply with. Geelong Pool Safe are registered, insured and have the expertise to inspect, assess and issue the Certificate of Compliance for your Pool/Spa.

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Certified Pool and Spa Assessors

Why use Geelong Pool Safe?

We're one of only a handful of female Building Inspectors (Pool Safety) in Victoria. We can offer a safe, friendly and reliable option when having an Inspector visit your property.

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Our Services

Compliance Inspection

Geelong Pool Safe holds the necessary Registration, Insurances and experience to carry out safe and timely Pool Barrier Inspections, with a view to determining the Compliance or Non-Compliance of the Pool / Spa barrier to the required Standard. Compliant barriers will be issued with Compliance Notice (Form 23) within 24 hrs of inspection.

Rectification work

In the event the Pool / Spa barrier is deemed non-compliant, Geelong Pool Safe will provide details of the rectification work required, and can offer the services of our Registered Builder to quote / complete these works within the required timeframe.

Compliance Re-Inspection

Following rectification works, Geelong Pool Safe will re-inspect the Pool/Spa Barrier with a view to assessing whether compliance with the Standard is now achieved, and issue Compliance Notice (Form 23) within 24 hours of re-inspection.


Initial Compliance Inspection


If this your first time to be assesed for compliance, request an Initial Compliance Inspection.

Barrier Rectification


If you need your barriers rectified due to non-compliance, please contact us for a quote.



Request a Re-inspection after rectification work has been completed, following an initial failed inspection

* Prices exclude GST. Inspection Fee is invoiced / payable at time of booking.

Need a Certificate of Compliance?

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We'll call you back to confirm pricing and a time to inspect your premises. An initial inspection is $350 + GST and and re-inspection is $150 + GST.

Get your Pool/Spa Inspected

We will then inspect, assess and issue the Certificate of Compliance for your Pool/Spa if your premises is compliant.


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