Process and Checklists for getting your Pool/Spa Certified

“I own a property with a pool/spa. What do I need to do ???”

Register with your Local Council

First, you need to register your Pool/Spa with your Local Council. Council registration information can be found here:

City of Greater Geelong

Register your pool and/or spa - City of Greater Geelong (geelongaustralia.com.au)

Surfcoast Shire

Swimming pool and spa register - Surf Coast Shire

You will receive written confirmation from Council that your Pool/Spa is now registered.

This will confirm the build date of your pool/spa and the relevant Standard to be applied to the barrier and the first date a Compliance Certificate is required by.

Book your Inspection

Prior to Geelong Pool Safe inspecting, we recommend you review the attached checklists which summarize the minimum standards required to be achieved, depending upon the build date of your pool:

Pool safety barriers | Victorian Building Authority (vba.vic.gov.au)

You will then need to Book an Inspection with us. Choose Compliance Inspection if it is your first time; or Compliance Re-Inspection if you failed the initial inspection and have now completed rectification work.

Book an Inspection Now
Barrier Inspection

Geelong Pool Safe will inspect your pool/spa barrier and assess whether it is Compliant or Non-Compliant with the relevant Standard.

  • Compliant Pool/Spa barrier – you will receive a “Form 23 Compliance Certificate” and you will need to lodge this with your relevant local Council within 30 days. Your Pool/spa barrier will need a new Compliance Certificate in 4 years.
  • Non-Compliant Pool barrier – in some instances, the Inspector has the ability to allow up to 60 days for the pool owner to rectify the areas of non-compliance. These will be detailed in the Notice provided and solutions will be discussed.
  • Barrier re-Inspection – after rectification of the non-compliant issues, Geelong Pool Safe will re-inspect your Pool/spa barrier and if now deemed compliant will issue a “Form 23 Compliance Certificate”, which you need to lodge with your relevant local Council within 30 days. Your Pool/spa barrier will need a new Compliance Certificate in 4 years.
  • Continued Non-Compliant Barrier – if the Pool/Spa barrier has not been rectified or is unable to be rectified, or is deemed at initial inspection to represent an immediate danger to life &/or safety, the Inspector is required to Lodge a “Form 24 Non-Compliance Notice” directly with the relevant Local Council. Council will make contact with the pool owner to enforce required rectification works.

Always keep your pool/spa barrier clear of climbable objects, complete regular maintenance of the gate hinges/latches.